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Your English Learning Essentials

To be used in school, at home or through independent study, Boana Learning wants to help early English learners get the resources they need to help them excel. Let’s get started!

FREE English Worksheets for ESL. Independent Study, grammar, vocabulary, writing assignments, flashcards.Teacher and Student Approved! All PDF and Printer-friendly.

Each of our story books are interactive and include coloring pages, activities and most importantly – GLOSSARIES, to keep your early English learner hooked from the beginning.


Great way for your English learner to unwind, relax and concentrate on being creative in their new language. Each pack features interesting topics, fun images and new vocabulary.


FREE Lessons to help you practice and improve your English. Videos are made by accredited teachers specialising in Teaching English as a Second Language with NATIVE English accents. A fun way to learn proper pronunciation and improve your fluency!

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We care about education – a lot! If you’re looking for more fun, educational and interactive based learning for your students, or kids, check out the following web pages:

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Educational content to let kids explore and learn about countries around the globe. Let's go on an adventure!

Elapen independent study packets are designed to get kids excited to learn about the world around them.