Teachers that teach English to BEGINNERS always forget THIS...

Teachers that teach English to BEGINNERS always forget THIS…

Let’s face it, teaching English as a second language (TEFL) to complete beginners is intimidating. Whether it’s your first TEFL teaching job, or you’ve been teaching abroad for years, it’s never an easy task- there are always difficulties that arise and you need to be able to think quickly on your feet to stay ahead!

Don’t let any of this intimidate you- Teaching English to complete beginners, to English as a second language students (ESL), or English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students is also a very rewarding!

First, make sure you get the appropriate qualifications before accepting a job. There’s nothing worse than walking into a classroom and because of your lack of knowledge, not being able to give the students the proper education that they deserve. Having English as your native English is a great start, but definitely not enough. And if you haven’t gone to university or college, no worries! These days, we’re lucky that there are countless affordable possibilities to get certified online or in person. Check out your local TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) to start off your research. 

Who is considered a BEGINNER English Student? 

Someone that is just starting to learn English and is considered as a ‘beginner’ is a student that is focusing on the basics of the language. Basics such as: Vocabulary (household objects, nouns that they are used to seeing in their daily lives), common adjectives, frequently used verbs and pronouns. A little later, beginners will then start lessons that teach them basic concepts of the English language: How to ask questions, how to answer them, and constructing simple sentences.   


Unless your students have a clear goal, and are ambitious enough to motivate themselves (as you often find in beginner Adult English classes), young children and teenagers tend to get overwhelmed by the material and level of difficulty. The students don’t see the point in learning a language that they don’t use in their daily lives and you’ll find that many, if you don’t plan ahead, give up easily. That’s why, one of the most important jobs that teachers who teach beginner classes have is to be the motivator! 

How to motivate your students? 

Ensure that your students leave your class having learnt at least ONE new thing.

What’s more exciting then leaving a class and running home to tell your parent, sibling, significant other What’s more exciting for the student than to leave class and feel proud of themselves and the new knowledge they’ve learnt. Maybe they’re so excited that they run and tell the parent that’s picking them up, go home and mention it to their significant other, or even better, they fall asleep and repeat it to themselves. 

Use quick and fun reviews throughout your classes so that the students can visualize their progress.

Adding quick reviews and activities is a great way for not only your students to be able to visualize their progress, but it’s a good tool for you as well so that you can double-check their levels. 

Add topics and themes to your lesson plans that are relevant to your students’ lives.

Take a look at what’s happening in THEIR world. If you have young learners, check out what cartoons they’re watching these days, if you’re teaching teenagers, brainstorm with them and figure out what their hobbies and passions are. It’s always much more fun to learn 

Compliment your students as they progress! 

All students learn at a different pace, so don’t forget to not only congratulate the kid that’s at the top of the class for winning the spelling bee, but also the kid that’s falling behind, but studied their way to a C+ on their vocabulary quiz. It’s important to remember that you only see these learners a couple times a week and you don’t always know what’s happening in their personal lives. Give them positive feedback and watch your students work harder and start enjoying their lessons more. 

Next time you teach a class of beginners, become the motivator and then sit back and watch your students excel! 

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