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LEARNING STYLES: A quick review

Understanding your child’s, or your student’s learning style is as important to their learning process and educational journey as making sure that they have the proper school materials. By taking the time to ask, or through games and activities, learn whether they fall within the visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner category, you’re focusing on giving that learner a step up in their studies- You want to see them succeed! This is a great start for teachers to personalize their lesson plans, homework, or extracurricular activities to the students in their class, and for parents to understand how they can help their child improve while they are learning at home (especially during this unusual school term). 

*remember that some kids, and students could fall under more than one category. 

Having knowledge of how your students learn is especially important if you’re teaching an English as a Second Language class and don’t speak the language of the country you’re teaching in as the ESL students will have difficulties communicating their thoughts with you, and, as their teacher, you’ll have a tough time getting your message across as well.   


Visual learners learn the best through SEEING and WATCHING. 

To use: Pictures, videos, charts, presentations. 


Auditory learners learn the best through LISTENING and SPEAKING. 

To use: Recordings, music, videos, activities based on reading out loud. 


Kinaesthetic learners learn the best through DOING. They get easily bored unless there are activities and lessons that use physical stimulus to highlight what they’re learning.

To use: Coloring pages, games, realia, role-play, competitions, power breaks (get that kid moving!). 

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